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Upcoming Litters

Spring/Summer 2017


Berkshire Batteria and Three Penny Opera

 Berkshire Batteria who we affectionately call Pearl will be having our boy Three Penny Opera's babies the end of May 2017 for puppies that will go home towards the end of July. This litter is filling up quickly so I am only taking one more application. They will be Australian multigen puppies. 

We will have shiny satiny black babies and also apricot babies in this litter.

Viola D'Amore and Bo Diddley

Another breeding planned! Viola D'Amore will be having pups sometime in April or May with the handsome Bo Diddley. Both have gorgeous apricot fleece coats and gentle temperaments.

We expect pups in the 30-38 pound range and we are expecting all colors. Pups will go home in early to mid-Summer.

Viola's last litter had phenomenal temperaments and made great family pets.


Tamina and Three Penny Opera

Tamina is pregnant with Three Penny Opera's puppies. They will be beautiful multigenerational Australian labradoodle puppies. They will weigh approximately 25 lbs give or take. Colors will be a surprise!

Puppies are due to be born at the end of May or beginning of June. They will be ready to go to their new homes at approximately the end of July or beginning of August 2017.

We are taking two more applications for this litter! These puppies will be sweet, sweet, sweet!


Amazing Grace and Savoy Truffle

Amazing Grace how sweet the sound. Well Grace is just that. SWEET!  This will be Grace's second litter of medium doodles. I will be breeding her to Harrison for her last and final litter. Harrison makes just gorgeous babies and I would like to keep one myself!

Puppies will mature to approximately 30-35 lbs, nice square mediums. She will have possible chocolates, apricots, blacks, and minis. She is due to go into heat mid to later May 2017. Her pups should be here by approximately the end of July for mid to late September puppies going home.

We are taking applications for this litter also.


Cedella and Astor

Our girl Cedella has been bred to our little guy Astor. These will be F1B puppies. They will be approximately 35 pounds of maturity, give or take.

Cedella is the most easy going girl I have ever met. She is gentle, kind, sweet, and she loves the water. She also loves playing with her ball and is the most chill dog we've ever had! We bred her with our boy Astor to bring in new lines into the doodle world. We will have a beautiful litter and this will also be Cedella's last litter.

We will be looking for two guardian homes for puppies from this litter. You can read about that on our guardian home pages and I can tell you more if you would like to know! Please get a hold of us if you would like a puppy from this beautiful pairing.

Her puppies will be born approximately the end of June and will be ready to go into their new home approximately the end of August.

We are just opening up this litter so get your applications in quickly!

Maggie Mae and Three Penny Opera

Maggie Mae has been bred to our boy Three Penny Opera. We will have a beautiful litter of much coveted shiny blacks and possibly a chocolate and Apricot! These puppies will be Australian multigens.

These puppies will be born approximately mid July and be ready to go to their new homes mid-September. Their size will be approximately 35 pounds.


We highly recommend pre-reserving a puppy from an upcoming litter by submitting an application and a deposit.  Please note which litter you are interested in.

We have several girls that we will be breeding this spring and summer that will be posted in the next several weeks for early winter puppies!

**When a litter is booked full, If you would like to be on a waiting list for any of these litters you may send us an application and please designate in the subject line which litter you would like to be on the waiting list for. The litters that are already sold out sometimes change form for one reason or another and a puppy might become available or there might be more puppies than expected. If so, we will contact you.


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