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We felt it would be very helpful for our doodle families to have guidelines for grooming their Doodles themselves or, if brought to a groomer to be educated on what the coat and face should look like when the grooming is complete.


  1. Chris T. Christensen T Brush 16mm
  2. Buttercomb fine/coarse comb 000
  3. Safari Mat Remover

Many of these pictures and articles are courtesy of Southern Charm.

Before and After

Helpful Grooming Links

Grooming Your Doodle | Book Preview

The Doodle Chariot presents: Proper Ear Care Video - YouTube

This is an important video on how to clean your doodle's ears.

Grooming Sully - Part 1
A must see video On Grooming Your Doodle!

Doodle Brushing Pro & Tangle Tackle set - DoodleComfort

A must have brush for your doodle. Please go to this site and order your pooch brush. They are available for questions as to cost type so you can get the correct brush for your pooch.




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