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Animal Planet Comes to the Berkshires!
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A video crew from Animal Planet's Dogs 101 visited Tango Wool Labradoodles here in the beautiful Berkshires during the Christmas holidays in 2008 and shot footage of one of our litters for their "Presidential Dog" show which aired four different times in January, 2009. Some of the footage was also used in the episode on "Designer Dogs" which aired several times during the 2010-11 season. You can view a video clip of the show by going to YouTube and doing a search for Dogs 101 and Labradoodles (our puppies are the ones in the interior shots with the fireplace and the wooden floors!).

Our friend Terry A La Berry (whose mug is above, below, and pretty much scattered all over the place on this page)performed The Labradoodle Song during the taping, which he wrote for Tango Wool Labradoodles. It was a fun and amazing time; my grandchildren sang along and their Papa joined in with in his guitar while our beautiful puppies romped around the floor!   Terry A La Berry (sometimes known as Terry Hall), is a fantastic songwriter and personal drummer to our own Berkshire-grown (& infamous!) folk icon Arlo Guthrie, and you can hear an excerpt from the song (and two others from his CD) by clicking on Terry's face below:

The Labradoodle Song!

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything

Eat and Brush Your Teeth

To hear the complete songs plus nine others, you can order your own Tango Wool Labradoodle Oodle CD by emailing Terry at: and asking him to send you your very own copy. The price is only $12.00 per copy (plus $3.00 shiping). It's a great family gift, or just a downright fun gift for those of us who are Doodle lovers!).

Please enjoy the music and the pictures below of our wonderful day..........

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