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Tango Wool's Retired Dogs


We have been careful to use the Poodles and Labrador Retrievers in our breeding program sparingly, so as not to flood the market with the same lines... Tango Wool's main interest has been in creating new lines to introduce into the American and Australian Labradoodle world; as the gene pool is rather small, new blood is constantly needed. This has been our great challenge, and one of our greatest joys...
Please enjoy these bios of our retired Foundation Dogs!


Tango Wool Dixieland Jazz

This beautiful red girl ("Nola") is out of Tango Wool Tiger Lily and Tango Wool New Horizons. She has a gorgeous fleece coat with loose, soft waves that feels like a cashmere sweater... you can't help but run your fingers through it! She has a beautiful square structure, on the small side, with a nice Labby-like head and short, square nose. Her temperament is very gentle and she LOVES looking into your eyes. Nola has had lovely litters and is looking forward to enjoying her retirement!

Breed: F1b Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Female - 29 May 2008
Size: Height: 18" Weight: 31 lbs
Chromogene Color: Red; Carries for Apricot/Black
Testing: Pennhip .46 Left .47 Right 80%, OFA Hip Prelim 23 months Good; OFA Elbows/Patellae; Heart Normal; vWD & PRA cleared by parentage; Eye CERF, IC Clear
Color/Coat Dark Apricot; Loose Wavy Fleece

Tango Wool Madrigal Moment


Madrigal is our sweet, funny, brand new line miniature clown. She is truly a magical little dog full of kisses, smarts and cleverness. She carries for all colors and all sorts of good patterns.

Madrigal you give the best moments :) 


Breed F1B Labradoodle
Sex & DOB Female - 6/6/12
Size: Weight: 16 lbs. Height: 16 inches
Chromogene Color: -
Testing: OFA Hip - P, Hips Good, Elbow - Normal, Patella - Normal, CERF - Normal, Cardiac - Normal, Thyroid - Normal, vWD - Clear by parentage, PRA - Clear by parentage, EIC - Clear, DM - Clear
Color/Coat Chocolate Parti




Tango Wool Adelaide de Lune


Adelaide is a beautiful small F1 Labradoodle with all of the qualities we love here at Tango Wool... she is gentle and calm, with a smaller Lab body structure, and we expect her to produce puppies with quiet, steady temperaments and gorgeous coats in the blonde, apricot, red,and black range. Her offspring were smaller medium-size; approximately 35-40lbs if bred to another doodle, and 27-32lbs if bred to a miniature poodle for an F1b litter. She lives with a wonderful guardian-home family who she adores, and they are doing a fabulous job with her. She would make an excellent Therapy dog... Adelaide is from our beautiful English Lab Maize and our gorgeous Bach's Toccata who carries for LOTS of dark apricots and reds, and she passed all of her required breeding health testings.

Breed: F1 Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Female - 17 May 2009
Size: Height: 17" Weight: 32 lbs
Chromogene Color: Carries for Apricot/Black/Cream
Testing: OFA Prelims done at 22 months; OFA Elbows/Patellae; Heart Normal; vWD & PRA clear by parentage; Yearly Eye CERF
Color/Coat Apricot; Slight Shed

Tango Wool Pancho Bolero
American Multigen Labradoodle

Tango Wool Pancho Bolero is an absolutely beautiful dog and encompasses all of the qualities a Ladradoodle should have. He has an excellent temperament and loves children, babies, and adults; puppies, kittens, cats and other dogs. Easygoing isn't the word....he is CHILL. But there are times every day when he'll make a few laps of the yard at a hundred miles an hour, take a drink of water... then go back to chilling! He has a very square and solid Labby build, a great saber tail, and his coat is one of the nicest we have seen on a Labradoodle - soft, soft, loose spirals - softer than than cotton and easy to care for; it hardly tangles at all and is just made for snuggling (which he loves to do!). Bolero produced several litters for Tango Wool and we have kept two of his babies for our program (including Lyric Contata). He lives in a Guardian Home with Lenny and Sherry, and happily commutes between NYC and the Berkshires.

Breed: American Multigen Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Male; 15 June 2007
Size: Height: 20" Weight: 42lbs
Chromogene Color: Apricot/Cream (bbee)
Testing: PennHIP; OFA Elbows/Patallae; vWD Clear; Cardiac Normal; OptiGen/PRA Clear; Eye CERF
Color/Coat Parti; carries for all colors



Tango Wool New Horizons
International Champion Miniature Poodle

Tango Wool New Horizons (AKA Sunny Daize) is an International Champion Miniature Poodle. He has great conformation and movement, with a fantastic coat and texture... everywhere he goes people stop to admire him. His temperament is gentle and kind, and he loves to cuddle... he is especially fond of his Guardian Home parents Leo and Adria! Sunny has added an entirely new dimension to our breeding program here at Tango Wool, and sired several litters of Labradoodles for us along with three for the Goldendoodle community... all of the puppies were gorgeous!



Breed: Miniature Poodle (oversized)
Sex & DOB: Male; 13 May 2006
Size: Height: 17" Weight: 17lbs
Chromogene Color: Apricot
Testing: PennHIP; OptiGen/PRA Clear; vWD Clear; Eye CERF; OFAB Patallae; Thyroid Normal
Color/Coat: Apricot; Strong Red Lines in b/g


Tango Wool Bach's Tocatta

Black Miniature Poodle

Bach, in concert with our yellow Lab Maize, created a beautiful new line of Doodles, which, for now, are exclusive to Tango Wool's breeding program.

Thank you Joyce and Audi for being a loving Guardian home always to our baby Bach boy, he will always be much loved ...


Tango Wool Brahm's Lullaby

Dark Chocolate Miniature Poodle

Brahms was bred to our Cello Rocca, a gorgeous chocolate Labrador Retriever, to create a new line of dark chocolates. These new lines are, at present, exclusive to Tango Wool Labradoodles.


Thank you Linda for being such a wonderful and fun Guardian Home to our beautiful Brahms......

Tango Wool Golden Maize

Yellow English Labrador Retriever

Maize is a beautiful example of an English Lab of wonderful type and temperament. She is a lovely dog and now retired in her own home after having given us two litters of beautiful Lab puppies before we entered the Labradoodle world and one litter of F1 Labradoodles for us. When Maize was bred to our Bach's Tocatta it produced a new line which is, at the time, exclusive to Tango Wool Labradoodles.

Thank you Jan for keeping Maize so entertained with all of her buddies... and a very active life with teenagers!!!  Also her enjoying you being home so much as you homeschool... you have been a great Guardian Home for our lovely lady....



Tango Wool Cello Rocca

Chocolate English Labrador Retriever
Tango Wool Cello Rocca is one of the darkest, shiniest, and sweetest Labs ever... now retired and living in a full family of four children, she still looks just like this photo which was taken at the age of two... she might be even darker! Bred to our beautiful Brahm's Lullaby she gave us an exquisite line of chocolate F1 Labradoodles which we have bred into higher generations of even more gorgeous Doodles... and, once again, these lines are, at this time, exclusive to Tango Wool........

Thank you Leslie and Dan and all your little ones that have made Rocca's life so special. You have been a wonderful Guardian home to her, homeschooling her in eveything she knows!

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Tango Wool Lyric Contata

Lyric is a sweet girl with a soft non-shedding coat who produced many lovely puppies for Tango Wool, including Tango Wool Sweet Nightingale. She lives with Ginny and Steve in Red Rock, NY where she loves to romp around the yard with her son Tango Wool Ebano Avorio (Rio) and her best buddy Tango Wool Aida Verdi (Mattie). Lyric is Therapy Dog International Certified and a Canine Good Citizen and her owners look forward to many more happy years with their pretty Lyric.

Breed ALF1 Australian Labradoodle
Sex & DOB Female - 21 July 2008
Size: Height: 19" Weight: 46 lbs
Chromogene Color: All colours: Chocolate/Black/Apricot and Parti (Bbee)
Testing: PennHIP, OFA Prelims on Hips/Elbows/Patellae; Heart Normal; vWD by parentage; PRA Carrier; Yearly Eye CERF
Color/Coat Caramel; Loose Fleece; Parti-factored

Tango Wool Tapas and Tango

Tapas has ben one of the main characters of our foundation program. She is stunning and has given our program beautiful Capriccio, Shamrock, and Berkshire Batteria, and our new stud, Poet. She is a stunning brand new chocolate line that came from our Rocca lab and Brahm's Poodle Lines. Thank you Tapas for all the wonderful attributes you have given to our program. We are forever grateful.


Tango Wool Bossa Nova

Bossa Nova is our gorgeous F1 stud with a beautiful, soft, light apricot overcoat and a dark red undercoat... his granddaddy is a Champion fox-red Labrador Retriever and his grandmother a luscious dark chocolate Lab who has not faded a bit at the age of five. Bossa Nova comes from Tango Wool Noche Bailar (product of our chocolate Lab to a fox-red Lab) who we bred to our International Champion Large Miniature Poodle Tango Wool New Horizons. He is absolutely lovely in temperment, structure and quality, and carries for all colors.

We have used Bossa Nova to create gorgeous new lines such as our Brahms Capriccio,Choclo, Lanigans Ball and Doolin Dalton. He has produced amazing dogs with very labby structure and incredible temperaments. We are over the moon with his offspring which have started some amazing new lines to infuse into the labradoodle world. These are all of our own lines which have taken us ten seven years to develop, in order to get the health, conformation and colors we were aiming for. All that hard work and careful selection has paid off.

Frozen Sperm Available to Approved Breeding Programs.

Breed F1 Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Male - 01 Dec. 2009
Size: Height: 19" Weight: 40 lbs
Chromogene Color: Red/Apricot/Chocolate/Black (Bb)
Testing: OFA Hips/Elbows/Patallae Normal; Heart Normal; Thyroid Normal; PRA and vWD clear by parentage; Yearly Eye CERF
Color/Coat: Apricot/Red BBee

Tango Wool Salsa Merengue

Tango Wool Salsa Merengue Tango Wool Salsa Merengue

Tango Wool Salsa Merengue Tango Wool Salsa Merengue

Salsa is one of our F1s with Fox-Red Lab lines behind him. He has just started his breeding career by producing five gorgeous Red, Apricot and Champagne puppies... Salsa is a wonderful Medium Labradoodle and lives with a family with three children and another dog. He loves to cuddle when he comes home to Tango Wool, and he loves the girls!!!

Salsa has given us absolutely beautiful babies and given us beautiful new breeding stock. Needle in a Haystack aka Dublin is his baby believe it or not!!! This is what careful selective breeding can do!

We look forward to keeping more babies from our lovely Salsa and continuing his lines to create more gorgeous puppies like his son Dublin.

Live and Frozen sperm available to approved Breeding Programs.

Breed F1 Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Male - 27 February 2011
Size: Height: 18" Weight: 27 lbs
Chromogene Color:  
Testing: Heart by Cardio Normal; Yearly Eye CERF Normal; Thyroid OFA Normal; Patallae Normal; Pennhip 80%; OFA Prelim Good; vWD Clear by Parentage; PRA Normal
Color/Coat: Red/Dark Apricot

Tango Wool Lannigans Ball

Shamrock is Brahms Capriccio and Doolin Dalton's full sister and she is a beauty!! Her mom is Tapas and Tango and her dad is Bossa Nova. Her coat feels like silk and she is just a model example of the beauty of the BLACK dog. We are delighted to have developed these lines and we look oh-so-forward to her upcoming health testings to be done at one year. Shamrock adores her Guardian Home family and is a quieter, mellower dog. A real sweetheart. Shamrock carries for the beautiful chocolate we have been getting and the beautiful shiny black you see here. She is approximately 19 inches and 40 lbs of wonderfulness.


Breed F2 Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Female
Size: Height: 19" Weight: 40 lbs.
Chromogene Color: Carries for all colors
Testing: PennHip 90% and OFA prelim Excellent, Elbows Normal, Heart by Cardio Normal, Patellaes, Thyroid Normal, IC Clear, Vwd clear by parentage, PRA clear by parentage.
Color/Coat: Black fleece

Tango Wool Pas de Chapal

Pas de Chepal aka Riley is a gorgeous F1 labradoodle with a beautiful light fleece coat. She has an amazing friendly and smart temperament and her Guardian Home family adores her. She is kind and loves to play and knows how to chill out on a dime.

Riley was bred to our poodles and produce Flbs of approximately 25-30 lbs in size. We had some wonderful easy care coats for those outdoorsy people who like the easy care and we also had some of the more fleecy coats that are more allergy friendly. Riley produced some beautiful apricots and blacks.

Breed First Generation
Sex & DOB: Female - 2/27/11
Size: 33lbs, 29 inches
Chromogene Color: Carries for black and apricot
Testing: OFA Thyroid Normal, Heart by Caradio Normal, Patellaes Normal, Eye Cerf by Opthalmologist Normal, OFA Hips Final Excellent, OFA Elbows Normal
Color/Coat: F1 type

Tango Wool Brandenburg Concerti

This little guy is only 22 lbs and is yet one more brand new line of labradoodles that Tango Wool has and is producing. He comes from very dark red lines and he is absolutely adorable. Everywhere we bring this little guy he brings joy and "Oh! I love him!!" comments. To go with his looks is an attitude that can only make you laugh.  He really thinks he is the mayor of some important town! He walks with his little head held high and he commands attention without even knowing it! He is a big guy in a little body. He is funny as all get out too. This little dude gives you what you need at the end of a day.

Not only is he cute and full of personality, his health testing scores are phenomenal, which is a prerequisite to being one of our breeding dogs. He has passed them all with flying colors! He will bring us generations of new lines that we are infusing into our already established lines. He will bring color, great temperament and health to our lines. Infused with our fleece and curly coated doodles he will bring us beautiful coats. We may even get some puppies with more of an Fl style which I have so many requests for.


Breed F1b Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Male - 02 April 2012
Size: Height: Weight: 22 lbs
Chromogene Color: Red/Apricot Black
Testing: Pennhip 90%, Prelim OFA at one year, EXCELLENT/ Elbows/Patellae, Heart by Cardio, Eye Cerf and Thyroid Normal, PRA and vWD cleared by parentage.
Color/Coat: Red Silk nonshed

Tango Wool Cedella at Oasis

Cedella is a gorgeous F1 with new lines behind her.  She came from Oasis Labradoodles a year ago and she has passed all of her health testing with flying colors. She carries for all colors and infused into my other new lines she will bring us amazing puppies for breeders and pet owners alike. I just love the chill temperament of this girl. She is smart, happy and sound.

She has great conformation and she is a very very easy dog to be around. Fun to watch as she charges through the brooks and trees on hikes and just is fine with settling down when at home.  We love this girl and look forward to adding her babes to our program and also to others. Welcome to our program Bob Marley's daughter Cedella!!!

Breed Fl labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Female - 11/22/2013
Size: Weight: 48 lbs, Height: 21 inches
Chromogene Color: Chocolate carrying for all colors.  Apricot, chocolate and black
Testing: Thryroid Normal, Heart Normal by Cardiologist, Eyes Normal by Opthalmologist, Pennhip 90%, OFA Prelim Excellent, Elbows Normal, Clear for PRA and vWD by parentage
Color/Coat: -

Tango Wool El Choclo

Ah, here is one of the girls we have dreamed of... perfection in every way... she's  a chip off the ol' block of her mama, Tango Wool Tapas & Tango, and she has the sweet nature of both mom and dad, Tango Wool Bossa Nova. She is an F2 with an amazing coat and amazing eyes... absolutely drop dead gorgeous!

She is a dark, dark chocolate, a perfect medium-sized wavy non-shed coat. She will have rainbow litters for us if we choose, since she carries for all colors; Black, Apricot, and Chocolate. She has excelled in all of her final health testings and is ready to go!! We are so thrilled to have this girl... and to think I almost sold her to another breeder! Oh, am I so glad I didn't, it would have been such a huge mistake to have lost her for our own program! She is an incredible girl, mellow when inside, athletic when outside... she is adored by her Guardian Home family and was personally trained by her Guardian Home dad who has done a phenomenal job with her...

Welcome El Choclo to Tango are amazing!

Breed F2 Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Female - 11 January 2012
Size: Height: 18" - Weight: 35 lbs
Chromogene Color: Carries for all colors
Testing: OFA Prelim Excellent; Penn Hip - High 90s; Patellae Normal; Elbows Normal; vWD & PRA Clear by parentage; Heart Normal; Thyroid Normal; Eye CERF Normal, IC Clear
Color/Coat: Dark Chocolate

Tango Wool Berkshire Batteria

This is our beautiful girl Pearl from our breeding of Shamrock to Rodeo. She is a beautiful easy care coat with just the right about of curl but not too  much. She has a lovely temperament and just adores her G.Home mom and dad. She was the best behaved at the Health Clinic!!  Never a peep and just sat there royally looking around waiting to see what her dad wanted her to do. She does well with the kitties and she gets along with everyone. Loves to play and go for walks and is chill inside. Perfect.

She is a lovely size and she carries for all colors. She is an Australian Multigen and we just cannot wait to see her puppies beginning 2015!!

Breed Australian Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Female - 9/26/13
Size: Weight: 37 lbs
Chromogene Color: Carries for Chocolate, black, and apricot
Testing: Heart Normal By Cardio, Elbows Normal, Pennhip 90%, Vwd Clear by Parentage, PRA clear by Parentage, Eye Cerf by Opthalmologist Normal, Patellaes Normal, Thryroid Normal and IC clear.
Color/Coat: Black Fleece

Tango Wool Chai Glissando

Meet Tango Wool's Chai Tango Glissando! Gliss is an active girl who loves to swim and fetch a ball! Her guardian family just loves her sweet temperament and gentle nature around their young grandson. When summer comes around, she lives in the pool! She has a glossy black coat, but Gliss carries for both chocolate and apricot, so we are looking forward to a "rainbow" litter!

Breed F1 Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Female -12 February 2013
Size: Height: 21 inches Weight: 48 pounds
Chromogene Color: Black, apricot , chocolate
Testing: OFA Hips Final Good; OFA Patellae; Heart by Cardio; vWD & PRA clear by parentage; Yearly Eye CERF; Thyroid Normal, DNA, EIC Clear, DM Clear
Color/Coat: Black


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