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Tango Wool Kiss to Build a Dream On

Tango Wool Kiss to Build a Dream on is just that.  A kiss, and a dream….This boy is a combination of Tango Wool And Nestlewood labradoodles lines.  He is all that!!  New American lines mixed with older Australian lines making him an Australian Labradoodle. Dream, which is what I call him, or Louis, is a gorgeous boy of dark apricot/red in color with big open curls. Not tight poodle curls.  He is a beautiful fleece coat. This boy has a fantastic temperament and is just a love…..Talking to the veterinarian who health tested him, they had raving reviews. Not scared — friendly, confident and a love bug.. Our Guardian Home family is smitten with him!!!

Louis has been producing gorgeous puppies since 2018 and we are just thrilled with his babies.  Calm, beautiful and a beautiful medium size at maturity. He has given us some gorgeous apricots reds and blacks.

Welcome to our program Louis and you passed all of your health testings with flying colors!!


Breed Australian Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Male, 10/28/15
Size: 39 lbs
Chromogene Color: Dark Apricot/Red  Carries for black/apricot and possibly caramel and chocolate and abstract and parti colors.

Hips: Pennhip Right 2.2  Left 2.2  High 90%, OFA Pending for Hips, Elbows OFA Normal, Patellaes Normal, Eyes by Opthalmology Normal, Cardiac Normal, Thyroid Normal at 1 1l2 years of age, Clear for PRA and Vwd, PawPriint Panel Pending

Color/Coat: Dark Apricot/Red with a beautiful fleece open wave coat.




Remington is a black and white parti poodle. He is from Springhaven Goldendoodles who shares him with us occasionally which enables us to bring new lines into our program.

Breed Poodle,
Sex & DOB: Male, 3/29/09 
Size: -
Chromogene Color: -
Patellar Normal, Heart by Cardiologist Normal, Eyes by Opthamologist Normal, OFA Final Hips Good, VwD clear
Color/Coat: -


Tango Wool Three Penny Opera

Oliver, what can I say? Oliver is just the best. As you can see, he has an adorable face with that big white chest and black tips on his ears and tail. Oliver is a very different color than seen by most black sables. Oliver is genetically a black dog!!! But his coat shows up in red. 

Yes, confusing but believe me, he is a black dog in red! Oliver is a black sable and we are hoping to make more beautiful sables of varying color, some black with sabling. and others maybe like him.

Oliver took a long time in the making as he is from one of my favorite little gals, Tango Wool Madrigal Moment was his mama. She is magical, thus her name. When she was finally ready to have her litter, it took me considerable amount of time to choose her mate. We chose Rocky from Blueberry Cottage to compliment the magic that she made. And pizazz!!!  Out came Oliver and his sister Pennies from Heaven (Females page). The magic worked!! God blessed us with beauty, perfect conformation and loving sassiness!

Oliver adores his Guardian home family and fits right in, he is now taking trick classes to add to his charm. We are so excited to see what he keeps bringing us!

Breed Australian Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Male, 2/15
Size: 16 1/2 inches, 32 lbs.
Chromogene Color: B/b E/e, A Locus-AT(n/At), K Locus-KB (n/n)
Patellar Normal, Pennhip Tighter than 90% of labradoodles (.36 and .31), Elbows Normal, Heart by Cardiologist Normal, Opthamology Normal, IC Carrier, DM Normal, EIC Clear
Color/Coat: Black Sable showing in Red, Straight Fleece


Savoy Truffle AKA Harrison

Harrison is about the softest smartest dog I have ever been around!! He prances like a deer and is totally devoted to his Guardian Home Family. He is a gorgeous apricot with a bit of a white splotch on his head and four white paws and white chest and white tip on his tail... Just an all out lovely boy. He is a combination of Annabelle Doodles' lines and Tango Wool lines. I am thrilled to have him.

He will produce chocolate and apricot and black puppies. Depends how he is bred. He will also throw lots of fun white abstracts on some of his pups. We are thrilled!

Breed Australian Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Male
Size: 35 lbs
Chromogene Color: Apricot and white abstracts
ennhip Higher than 90%, .27 and .28, OFA Prelim Excellent, Patellaes Normal, Elbows Normal, Cardiac by Cardio Normal, EIC Clear, IC clear, Vwd Clear, PRA clear, Eyes by opthalmologist Normal
Color/Coat: Soft beautiful fleece


 Let's Dance the Tango Aka "Astor"

This boy is truly one of the loveliest poodles Tango Wool has had. He is as exquisite and well-bred as the two poodles we have had before him, Brahms and Sunny. He is a gorgeous, gorgeous dark black with the most gorgeous soft coat. His face is sculpted beautifully, which is the reason why Tango Wool chooses to keep the faces on their poodles shaved in the traditional poodle cut. We do not want to hide the detail and beauty of their faces behind a mass of curls... let it shine!!! Astor is a cuddly little guy full of charm and wit. He LOVES to play and is very social.

He gets along well with other dogs at his class and his training is coming along just fantastic. He is the best behaved miniature poodle I have met. Also the prettiest. As you can imagine, he comes from phenomenal show lines. He is a dream come true for our breeding program!!!!

Breed Miniature Poodle
Sex & DOB: Male - June 27, 2013
Size: Height: 16 1/2" Weight: 18 1/2 lbs
Chromogene Color:  
Testing: Eyes by opthamologist Normal, Heart Normal by Cardiologist, Patellaes Normal, Pennhip OFA prelim Excellent, Elbows Normal by vet, Thryoid Normal, IC Normal.
Color/Coat: Black - Soft beautiful open curls.



Tango Wool Poet Ballade

Poet is our extremely BLACK and gorgeous fleece chenille boy out of Tapas and Rodeo! He has absolutely gorgeous movement and is truly a prince. He would win a blue at an AKC show as his lines of beautifully bred poodles and labradors behind him truly shine through on this guy. Poet is as gentle as they come. Chill, calm and at the same time don't underestimate him as he can play hard ball and keep up with the best of them.

This boy will give us beautiful black and chocolate puppies with great color that I believe will fade very little if it does. Mama is still dark chocolate at five years old and Poet has none of that rusty red on him, just beautiful dark rich black. Look for his kids!

Breed Australian Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Male - September 2013
Size: Weight: 35 lbs, Height: 20 inches
Chromogene Color:

Black and Chocolate


PRA clear, Vwd Clear, Eye by ophthalmologist, EIC and DM clear, IC clear, heart by Cardio, Pennhip/OFA.

Color/Coat: Black


Tango Wool Cole Porter


Porter is our beautiful F2 boy that is from our very own lines. He is unrelated to all my other dogs so he gives us more infusion possibilities! He is a sweet, and I mean sweet boy. He is gentle and confident and fun loving.  He has a nice fleece coat and is a nice size medium boy of only 27lbs. He carries for for Tri colors, (which are the markings of a Burmese Mountain Dog) and he also when bred correctly can produce the black and tan points of a Doberman that is called a Phantom.

This guy will be producing new parti lines also! I am so excited about him, I can't stop thinking about all the gorgeous pups we are going to get from him. He has passed his health testing with flying colors and has just started his breeding career!

Breed F2 labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Male - 5/5/2014
Size: 17 inches, 27 lbs
Chromogene Color:

For Breeder info: AY Locus n/n, at Locus At/At, a Locus n/n, B locus B/b, D Locus D/D, E locus e/e, EM Locus n/n, K locus n/KB, S locus N/S, Carries for Chocolate . No dilution gene. Does NOT carry for sable or fawn.


IC Carrier, Heart by Echocardiogram, Eyes NORMAL, Patellas Normal, Elbows Normal, OFA prelim pending, Pennhip at one year 80% which is excellent! Vwd and PRA clear by parentage, EIC Clear.

Color/Coat: Cream Fleece, also our beautiful boy carries for the Rufus gene.


Tango Wool Over The Rainbow aka Toto

Our boy Toto is growing up now and about to begin his health testing!! He will be ready to use as stud muffin by the end of summer!! 

He is out of our Tamina and our boy Brandenburg and is a brand new American line. We are beyond super excited about him.

Breed American Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Male, 8/9/2016
Size: 19 lbs
Chromogene Color:



F/F for furnishing, carries for Phantom, EIC carrier, PRA and Vwd clear by Paw Print Genetics on both parents, Heart by Cardio Normal, Eyes by Opthalmologist normal, Thyroid Normal, Patellas Normal, Pennhipped, OFA cleared

Color/Coat: Black shiny fleece, carries for apricot/red

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