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Tango Wool's Male Dogs

Poppins Poetry Man (Poe)


Breed Australian Multigenerational
Sex & DOB: Male, Dec 2021
Size: Solid medium
Chromogene Color: Caramel
Testing: PennHip R. .43  L. .56, OFA hips, Elbows Normal, Patellae Normal, Cardiac Normal by cardiologist, Eyes Normal by Ophthalmologist, Cleared by all genetic testing through parentage
Color/Coat: Straight fleece

Nestlewood Old Friend (Wylie)

Introducing Nestlewood Old Friend aka Wylie! This is our beautiful little guy that has just passed all his health testing with flying colors! That added to his incredible temperament and beautiful looks, and his beautiful fleece coat! We look forward to the puppies he will sire!

He will give us beautiful chocolates, apricots, caramels, and phantoms! A whole rainbow of colors! Welcome Wylie! This guy is a living doll baby, he is super snuggly and super social, playful and loving!

Breed Australian Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Male, 05/13/2020
Size: 22 lbs
Chromogene Color: Dark Apricot/Red  Carries for caramel, chocolate, and phantoms

Pennhip High 90%, OFA Good Elbows OFA normal, Patellaes Normal, Eyes by Opthalmology Normal, Cardiac normal, Clear on all Paw Print panel testing by parentge. EIC carrier F/F

Color/Coat: Caramel Fleece

Tango Wool Apple Jack (Jack)

Our beautiful Jack is an absolutely gorgeous deep red with an equally gorgeous fleece coat. He is a friendly, happy guy that will mature into a small-medium approximately 30 pounds. He started in our breeding program summer 2022!

We cannot wait to have a litter from this prime beautiful fluff ball piece of work! We love our Apple Jack! He is the son of our boy Hales Burning Desire and Crimson and Klover. 

Breed Australian Multigenerational 
Sex & DOB: Male
Size: 28 lbs
Chromogene Color: Red/Caramel/Black/possibly chocolate 
All hereditary genetic testing cleared by parentage. Hips OFA prelim GOOD/ Heart by cardiologist Normal/ Patella Normal/ Elbows Normal, Eyes by ophthalmologist Normal
Color/Coat: Wavy red fleece

Hales Burning Desire (Cliff)

Cliff continually wins the head tilt contest whenever we post him on Facebook! :-)
We get a new tilt pose every day!

This beautiful boy who we affectionately call Cliff, is a beautiful addition to our program. Thank you Hales for the privilege of owning this boy. He is a total joy! He is a totally chill boy but when it’s time to play he’s a bull!! He plays hard like the big boys :-)!

He is a total love bug and loves nothing more than to lay at your feet or walk by your side. He loves to drive everywhere you go and there is no stranger to him. We are so excited to have him in our program so he can sire some of the most beautiful Doodles ever :-)!

This boy has thick labby structure and a ridiculously beautiful coat. He feels like silk!!
He is 36 pounds of love. He has passed all of his health testing above and beyond the Gold Star level like all of our dogs.

Introducing our new boy Hales Burning Desire aka Cliff!!!

Breed Australian Labradoodle doodle. Registered with ALAA
Sex & DOB: Male  2/1/2015
Size: -
Chromogene Color: Carries for all colors
IC clear, EIC clear, Paw Print panel all Normal Clears, Eye Cerfs by ophthalmologist NORMAL, ofa elbows normal, OFA hips Good, Vet Eval of Hip’s Excellent, Pennhip  Fair, Cardiac by cardiologist Normal, Thyroid certified Normal
Color/Coat: True beautiful silk fleece, Dark Apricot/Red

Upcoming Potential Studs

Tango Wool Sweet Baby James (Taylor)

This little guy is from my girl Upendi who is only 16 pounds! I expect him to be approximately 22 pounds. He will give us beautiful minis and micro minis. This little guy is very social, he has been brought up on a boat living on a lake half the time and he absolutely loves people. He is calm and charming happy little soul!!

He has an absolutely gorgeous white and apricot parti. We hope to have him tested and having puppies from him as of the summer of 2023!

We certainly have some beautiful upcoming studs coming!! Cannot wait to see the joy we can bring into the future!

Tango Wool Golden Heart (Knopfler)

This absolutely gorgeous boy is also the beginning of a new line. He is a gorgeous sable that expresses beautiful different coloring all over his beautiful little body.

His temperament is delightful. He is a very well trained boy, as he has been with our trainers in New Hope, PA for the past four months. He will be approximately 25 pounds, give or take, at maturity.

Hopefully he will be tested and start his breeding career in the summer of 2023. His mama is our girl Only Imagine and his daddy is our boy Hales Burning Desire.

This little guy is as friendly and happy and well mannered as they come :-) I cannot wait to see his future puppies!!

Tango Wool Shire

Shire is a very special dog for our program. He began with a dream when I bought a beautiful poodle in Germany with the same markings as him. She went to Italy and became a therapy dog, and from there, she came here to Massachusetts to have two litters for us. Shire is from her first litter. She is an Australian labradoodle. new genetic diversities!

I am super proud of him, he has been a long-term dream come realized! His temperament is gentle and kind, he’s curious and playful. He is going to be big which I am thrilled about. Possibly 38 to 42 pounds.

His daddy is Hales Burning Desire, my stud dog that will be retiring soon. He will take his place. He will start his breeding career sometime this summer of 2023.

This is a picture of him now at five months old.


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