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Tango Wool's Female Dogs


Tango Wool Maggie Mae

Maggie is just a bundle of total sweetness. She is a gentle kind caring girl that is just a joy to be around. She just LOVES to snuggle and is a very easy girl to have around. She has a beautiful soft spiral coat that is champagne in color. Maggie is a combination of Tango Wool lines only. Capriccio being her daddy and Dixie Land Jazz her mama. Oh yes and she loves her hikes and playing ball of course!!!  Driving around in the car is fun too!!
She is adored by her family and has become quite the "comfort" dog. She will bring beautiful puppies to our program and into the lives of our Tango Wool puppy owners.


Breed Multigen Labradoodle 
Sex & DOB: Female, 5/13
Size: Height: 17 inches, Weight: 33 lbs
Chromogene Color: Apricot/Black possibly chocolate
Testing: Patellae Normal, Elbows Normal, Hips OFA FInal Fair, Opthalmology Normal, Cardiac Normal, EIC Carrier, IC Normal.
Color/Coat: Wavy Fleece/Champagne

 Tango Wool Pennies from Heaven Aka Billie

This girl is my all time star!! I named her Pennies from Heaven as it is a song by Billie Holiday and she reminds me of Billie so that is what we call her for short! Billie is Three Penny Opera's (males page) full littermate. Both from my girl (retired page) Madrigal Moment. They are both truly magical as you can see. The temperament on this little rascal is phenomenal and she is the most social outgoing little gal you ever did see.

She just loves to cuddle and squiggle into your lap and arms and kiss you. She loves to go on truck rides with her Guardian Home, who by the way is named Bill :)  
She is comical and gorgeous and cute as a button as you can see. She is a Tri colored Phantom doodle which you do not see alot of. Tri meaning the third color on her which is the white.  We are hoping to produce more of her pattern in the future and she will
also give us chocolates and blacks and apricot. Join the magic and watch for her puppies in 2016 as she starts her breeding career. Her pups will be nice smaller dogs at maturity and easy to pick up and travel along with you!

Breed Australian Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Female - 2/28/15
Size: 16 inches, 19 lbs
Chromogene Color: Carries for Black, Chocolate, Phantom and Parti and Tri. Possibly Apricot

Patellar Normal, OFA Hips Prelim Good, Pennhip 90%(.37/.37), Elbows Normal, IC Clear, Dm clear, EIC clear, Heart Normal, Opthalmology Normal

Color/Coat: Black/red Tri colored Fleece

Tango Wool Viola D'amore

Viola is the quintessential family dog--she loves her people, especially her young human sister--they are best pals. Viola is fun and playful, but can lie quietly at your feet. She loves company and has a great time greeting people in her small, dog friendly town. Her size is just perfect and she has that luxuriously soft coat you love to touch. Her sparkly brown-gold eyes are full of spirit and intelligence. We can't wait to meet her puppies someday!

Breed Australian Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Female
Size: 18 inches, 35 pounds
Chromogene Color: Carries for Apricot and Black and possibly Chocolate.
Testing: Cardio by Cardiologist Normal, Eyes by Opthalmologist Normal, Patellaes Normal, Hip OFA Final Fair Clear of Hip Dysplasia, Pra Clear and Vwd Clear
Color/Coat: Cream/wavy fleece

Tango Wool Lindy Hop

More information about Lindy Hop coming soon!


Breed Australian Multigen
Sex & DOB: Female
Size: 33 lbs.
Chromogene Color: Apricot/black
Elbows Normal, Heart by Cardio Normal, Hips OFA Good and Pennhip 90%
EIC clear, IC Normal, DM Normal, Eyes Normal by Opthalmologist.
Color/Coat: Loose fleece, creamy apricot


Tinker Bell Von Karat aka Tamina

Tamina is a little princess. She is just a sweet easy going girl to have around the house. She is incredibly loyal to her people and as per poodle nature takes a bit to warm up to people other than her family. She adores her children and people and is faithful and very loyal.  She is a joy to watch and have around for just sheer entertainment as poodles are a fun  lot and just full of life!!!  We bought her in Germany this past winter as we are in the process of building on many new lines to introduce into the labradoodle world which is Tango Wools forte.

She will be bred to our smaller males and then in return they will be bred into our other new  doodle lines.  We are beyond excited with this new venture of Tamina and also our red moyen we bought at the same time, Ruby Toes is what we call her!

So Tamina and Ruby Toes are here to help us get beyond the horizon in fabulous colors and design.   We will have fabulous allergy friendly puppies with her and also a new miniature line!!

Incredibly healthy dogs and just wonderful to have as family members. We can hardly with to have puppies with Tamina and hope we get her fantastic conformation in her pups. Strong type and strong structure. Thank you Tamina for coming to us!!!  We love you little one.

Breed German Moyen Poodle
Sex & DOB: Female, 12/15/2014  
Size: 16 inches, 20 lbs.
Chromogene Color: Black and tan points. at/at
Degenerative Myelopathy normal (clear), GM2 Gangliosidosis (poodle type) Normal (clear), Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures Normal (clear), Osteochondrodysplasia Normal (clear), Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progessive Rod-Cone Degeneration normal (clear), Von Willebrand 1 normal (clear), Von Willebrand 11 normal (clear), Patellae Normal, Eyes by Opthalmologist Normal, Heart by Cardio Normal, OFA prelim at 16 months Excellent, Pennhip 60%, Elbows Normal
Color/Coat: Black and Tan, Curly



Tango Wool Goodbye Heart aka Mary Lou

Mary Lou is a full 20 pounds of love and tenderness. She is gentle and calm. She has a beautiful pitch black fleece coat. Mary Lou is our boy Ezekiel Saw the Wheel's sister. They both look so much alike, it's amazing. They both are bright, love their people, love other people, are gentle and kind.

They are a brand-new line that I started a few years back and I am just introducing into my program. Mary Lou will produce us gorgeous black fleece is just like herself. We cannot wait to breed her between 2017 and 2018. Her pups will be as delicious as she is :-)!

Tango Wool Chantilly Lace aka Nova

Nova is absolutely stunning!! She is total Therapy Dog material and is confident and calm. Very loving and kind and a truly excellent example of our Labradoodles and what we are looking for in looks and nature. Our Brahms Capriccio and our Glissando are the parents of this lovely girl.

Her Guardian Home family adores her and we are looking so forward to her breeding career starting in 2017!! She will produce all colors and we are hoping she produces her beautiful conformation and temperament along with her beauty!!

Thank you Kate for being such an incredible Guardian Home for our girl!!


Breed American Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Female, 5/5/15 
Size: 50 lbs
Chromogene Color: Cream, carries for all colors.
PRA, Vwd and EIC cleared by parentage, Eyes Normal by Opthalmologist, Heart Normal by Cardiologist, Hips: Good with Ofa Final, Elbows: Normal with OFA, Patellaes Normal
Color/Coat: -

Tango Wool Celtic Harp

Tango Wool Celtic Harp is a gorgeous girl of ours that is LABBY!!  She is a daughter out of our Lannigans Ball and Copelands Rodeo.

She is a beautiful big boned Australian Labradoodles with some old lines in her and a lot of newer lines in her developed by our program. We are very excited about this lady and her temperament is gentle and kind.

Harper is a very chill dog but LOVES to fetch and play when the time is right. Harper will produce beautiful black and apricot puppies for us and maybe a surprise color or two along the way. She will begin her breeding career hopefully this winter!



Breed Australian Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Female  11/21/14
Size: 36 + lbs
Chromogene Color: Carries for Black and Apricot possibly chocolate

OFA Final Good. Elbows Normal, Patellae Normal, Eyes by Ophthalmologist Normal, Heart by Cardiologist Normal, PRA and Vwd Clear , Pawprint Genetics Pending

Color/Coat: Cream/Apricot  Fleece

Tango Wool Abbey Road

This absolutely gorgeous red girl of ours is out of our Maggie Mae and Three Penny Opera. Boy, did we hit gold when we paired this couple! Just look at her coat, composition, conformation and those soft eyes!!! Yes, she is all that and more - because this girl has the best temperament of any doodle I have ever met in my life. Gentle, Calm, Confident and just a total love.

We are super excited to start up her breeding career in 2018. We are hoping to breed her to our Kiss to Build a Dream On when she's ready. Red on Red… we should get some fantastic babies out of that pairing!

2018, hold on as we have some really gorgeous girls coming up and about ready to have their first litters!!! These are all new lines to the Labradoodle community at large!


Breed Australian Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Female   5/5/16
Size: Approx 35 lbs
Chromogene Color:

Carries for Black and Apricot/Red possibly Chocolate .  Parti colors and abstracts too.


Cardio Normal Ascultation, Normal Opthalmology, Normal Patellaes,, Vwd and Pra Cleared by Parentage, Pawprints Genetics Pending:  Hips and Elbows Pending.

Color/Coat: Red   Beautiful loose Fleece

Blueberry Cottage Darling Pretty (aka Jade)

Darling Pretty aka Jade is an adorable miniature girl that weights 22 lbs. She is a wonderful infusion Blueberry Cottages lines and we were blessed to do a trade with Heather for this lovely girl.  Now we can incorporate her into our lovely new lines!! All puppies that Jade gives us will be Australian Multigens.

She is a caramel with a nice wavy fleece coat.  She is fun, funny and nosy!!  She loves her G.Home like crazy and gets along with everyone. She will produce all colors and maybe some designs! We look forward to our first litter with this little mama in the year 2018! Take it away little Jade and we cannot wait to see your new babies arrive soon. They will be gorgeous just like you!

Breed Australian Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Female, 4/9/15
Size: 32 lbs, 16 1/2 inches
Chromogene Color:

 All colors


Patellaes Normal, Elbows Normal, Hips OFA Prelim Good, Pennhip Excellent scores of Right Hip DI .28 and Left DI .31, Opthamology Normal, Cardiac Normal, EIC clear, IC clear, Thryroid Normal

Color/Coat: Caramel in color and wavy fleece coat.



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