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Tango Wool's Female Dogs

Nestlewood American Pie

Pi is from total therapy dog lines! She is absolutely amazing and everything we are hoping she would be! Her guardian home family has the added benefit of her being a therapy dog for a member of their family.

She is loving, kind, stable, smart, gentle -- never mind beautiful with a non-shed Caramel coat! Pi will be bringing us beautiful caramel, apricot, and chocolate puppies in the future 2021 year!

Breed Australian Labradoodle 
Sex & DOB: Female, 12/07/2018
Size: 41lbs
Chromogene Color: Carries for chocolate/caramel/apricot
Testing: Patellae Normal, Heart auscultation by cardiologist Normal, Eye Cerf by ophthalmologist Normal, F/F, PRA clear by parentage, EIC clear by parentage, VWD cleared by parentage. Hips/Elbows Pending
Color/Coat: Loose Fleece / Caramel

Tango Wool Krimson and Klover

What can I say! Klover is just the sweetest little gal in just about the whole world! She is the daughter of our German imported poodle Rubina and her daddy is our labradoodle Brandenburg.

She brings in new doodle lines to our program and others across the country. We work hard in creating new lines for other breeders and she did not disappoint! She is a nice medium mini doodle with a lucious coat and conformation. We hit the jackpot with Miss Klover!

Klover will be starting her breeding career end of 2018 into 2019! We look forward to all the beautiful doodles she will bring our way to us and to you.

Breed  Flb Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Female, 12/25/16
Size: 21 lbs
Chromogene Color:

Apricot/black, possible phantom, and mismarks


All Pawprint Panel testing cleared through parentage, Furnishings f/F, EIC n/EIC, Hips OFA at 19 months of age GOOD, Elbows NORMAL, Eyes by Opthalmologist NORMAL, Heart by Cardio NORMAL, Patellar Normal.

Color/Coat: Apricot Fleece open wave

Tango Wool Emma Lou Harris

Introducing our lovely Girl out of our Savoy Truffle Aka Harrison. Thus the name Emma Lou!!

She is just a delightful little bundle of beautiful fleece and fluff!  Emma is 25 lbs which makes her a perfect medium mini. She is super friendly and an awesome dog to live with. She ahs passed all of her health testing, we will posting be posting this on our website soon.

Emma has already given us one beautiful litter and will be having another in the spring of 2021!


Breed Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Female
Size: Mini 28 lbs
Chromogene Color: Apricot Parti

Patellaes Normal, Eyes Clear by Opthalmologist, Heart by Cardiologist, Hips OFA Good, Elbows Normal, Cleared of genetic diseases through parentage.

Color/Coat: Fleece

Tango Wool Georgia on My Mind

Georgia is our beautiful red strong medium girl. She is just lovely and radiant red! I think I should have named her Lady in Red! Georgia is a very special, fun loving, and kind girl.

Her guardian home just adores her. She loves to be hiking and in the woods and loves her relaxed time! She is friendly and outgoing, a social girl. She is up for anything, anytime, but also tends to be chill at home!

Georgia will have puppies for us in 2021!

Breed Australian Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Female, 5/14/2019
Size: -
Chromogene Color: Carries for apricot/red/black
Heart OFA Normal, OFA Patella Normal, Thyroid OFA Normal, Eyes Normal, Hips/Elbows pending
Color/Coat: Fleece

Tango Wool Imagine

Leni is our beautiful girl from Klover and Bo Diddley! She is a beautiful, large-mini small-medium kind kind girl. She lives up in Vermont with her guardian home and her mom Klover and she also has a little boy in her family that she adores and follows everywhere!

She is a beautiful kind gentle soul and we look forward to having puppies with her in the year 2021 and on... Thank you beautiful Klover and Bo Diddley!!

Breed American Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Female, 4/30/18
Size: 29 lbs
Chromogene Color: Apricot/Black Possibilites for Chocolate, Parti, possibly phantom 
Eyes by Opthalmologist Normal, Heart by Cardiology Normal, Hips/Elbows/Patellae and Genetic testing pending
Color/Coat: Fleece Black

Mishelle Ma Belle

Mishka is our absolutely gorgeous girl out of our Chantilly lace and Kiss to Build a Dream On.She is large, medium incredibly well-built with the nicest of temperaments.Super well-balanced dog that is loving, kind, and social and so easy to live with.

She has a beautiful heart and soul and we cannot wait to introduce her beautiful puppies to the world! We will be starting her breeding career in 2021.

She is well developed and mature and super ready to love on her own puppies now. We can barely wait!! Love this little lady!

Breed Australian Labradoodle
Sex & DOB: Female, 6/13/19
Size: 40 lbs
Chromogene Color: Carries for Apricot/Cream/Red
Eyes by Opthalmologist Normal, Heart by Cardio Normal, Patellae Normal
Hips/Elbows pending 
Color/Coat: Fleece/Cream

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